Solaris Technologies understands that the demand to learn and cope with the changing requirements of the technical advances is quite stressful for a lot of people.

January 11, 2021

IT has been changing rapidly and it has become a serious challenge to manage the IT departments of companies. Whether you are in the fast food chain or a bank, it is not rare today to come across robots doing tasks that were once completed by humans. Researchers hypothesize that the demand for robots in both the consumer and corporate market will exponentially grow in the coming years. While this development is exhilarating, it also gives rise to the question of whether this emerging technology will challenge the human workers beyond their capabilities.

In response to these rapid changes and challenging questions, many corporations create an IT department intra department to help in analyzing the emerging IT trends so that they can be better equipped to cope with the upcoming IT changes. The rate at which change is seen in technology is rapid. With this high pace, advanced technologies are coming up such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data. Founders and Corporate heads are faced with a difficult challenge of incorporating these new systems to keep ahead of the competition. It is no easy task to manage technical changes in the work space and this concern gets magnified if the corporation is larger in size. As this is not a personal change, a lot of things are on the line, from the capital invested in incorporating the new technology to the time utilized to get the works to work in a flow.

It is hardly possible to advance at the same pace as technology does. Solaris Technologies understands that the demand to learn and cope with the changing requirements of the technical advances is quite stressful for a lot of people. The complexity of learning to navigate and use technology to your advantage requires people to leave their previous modes of work and a lot of people are hesitant to do that. However, the team members at Solaris Technologies always like to ask; how else can we keep up with the constantly evolving demands of the tech driven industry? The most common answer that companies give in return is: we keep up by evolving too.

“The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.” 

-Bill Gates

It is important to realize that technology is here to stay, so as a company you can decide whether you are going to excel with the use of technology or get left behind. It is simply not possible to avoid tech and get the same results as someone who utilizes technology in their business which is why the team of Solaris Technologies helps their clients to understand how to cope with these grand changes and make sure that they do not allow these changes to overwhelm them as a company. Mentioned below are some of things that help companies cope with these technical changes that they have to process:

Build Up Your Technical Vocabulary

Whenever we talk about new technology, it is generally paired with a few new words to learn. Solaris Technologies makes sure that their clients are well prepared to handle any communication or navigation regarding the new technology they are utilizing. This allows the Solaris Technology clients to be efficient and clear in communicating with others. It also allows the non tech employees to better understand the discourse of how things are carried out and organize work accordingly. Another important way in which this benefits the company is that the directions provided to the tech team or the task assigned are clear with no room for miscommunication.

“Technology is a gift of God. After the gift of life it is perhaps the greatest of God’s gifts. It is the mother of civilizations, of arts and of sciences.”

-Freeman Dyson

Build Up Your Typing Skills

Although it may not seem like a lot but a steady typing speed can be quite beneficial in these changing times. With the spread of technology, keyboard based devices are becoming more and more widespread and common. They are already common in work places and slowly their use is becoming inevitable. Having a steady grip and typing speed on a QWERTY keyboard can really help an employee save plenty of time and be more efficient in the work that they do. Not building your typing skills will not limit you and stop you from doing the work that you do however it will be counter-productive and time consuming.

To speed up the work and give it a boost, it is better to learn how to swiftly type on a QWERTY keyboard along with a touch type. This allows the employee to have a sense of confidence and hold over the new technology.

Get Into the Habit of Reading

Although improving your typing skills and vocabulary can have an impact on the process of coping with the new technology, it is not sufficient. There are plenty of other things that can be done to cope with these technical changes and use the latest tech to improve your work life.

It is always a good idea to get into the habit of reading about the latest tech and staying up to date with how the new technologies work. Articles, blogs and books are a great way to know where the trends are headed and which route is proving to be the most beneficial. Take control of what is happening in the tech world instead of feeling overwhelmed when faced with a technical conversation. Staying updated with what is happening in the industry provides you with an edge that can be highly beneficial for a company to make financially stable and productive decisions.

Solaris Technologies believes that there lies great potential in technology. As time goes by, companies will realize that there is always a new manner in which technology can help a business grow, scale up and flourish. With the incorporation of appropriate technology, it is possible to have a well-organized and responsive company culture. Any company that is willing and able to adapt and respond to the ever changing and evolving changes in technology, will no doubt become a force to reckon with.

Solaris Technologies tries to ensure that their clients are not intimidated by technology and instead they are able to embrace it with open arms for all its elegance and mesmerizing potential. Of course, uncertainty and miscalculations are all part of making use of any new technology, however; so is growth and efficiency. You always have two choices; run away from the technology or embrace it. Solaris Technologies believes that instead of running from technology and its advancements, we should try to use it to our benefit. Technology opens a whole new world to the corporation, making things available for the company that make you question yourself for not getting on board quicker.

Whenever Solaris Technologies has assisted a client to integrate a new technical system, it has first changed how the work is done and eventually how the people using the technology live. The only thing required from the user is effort; effort to read, effort to learn, effort to adapt and effort to utilize. It can be quite tempting to want to spend any free time that you get in sitting around doing nothing, meeting friends and socializing, playing games or using your smartphone to scroll through endless posts on a social platform. All of these may be fun for a while, however; once you realize the impact spending time constructively can have, you would never wish to do anything else and it will also help your work to prosper.

It will be highly fruitful if you can make reading your go to habit whenever you get leisure time in your life. Reading not only expands your knowledge, it also helps you to keep up to date with your field and the new developments that may be taking place. Furthermore, you become more creative by being enabled to view every situation from multiple perspectives. It also allows you to build better public relations (PR) at social gatherings with potential clients and partners.

Use your free time by making a conscious effort towards learning about the new technologies to become better equipped to cope with the changes that your company faces with the integration of new technology in the work space. Solaris Technologies suggests that you create a free time reading list so that whenever you get free time you do not waste it on deciding what to read and get directly started on reading every chance you get.

If you feel like you are not the sort who can read or finds reading to be too much effort, there are plenty of blogs that you can refer to and listen to as people explain and review these new technologies. If you find yourself always on the road and you just can’t seem to find the time to free your eyes for reading or watching blogs, there are Podcasts that you can turn to. Solaris Technologies believes that this learning is essential to smooth out any creases of delay in work and if you are determined to learn, there are plenty of options and routes to choose from.

Take a course

There are certain moments when you may feel that these books, blogs, articles, videos and podcasts are also insufficient. In such a moment, you might want to look for a course that is being offered that focuses on the technology that you wish to utilize for your work. These courses are available both online and in person. A short course can be a great way to learn about a technology in great depth in a very systematic and organized way. Many universities also offer courses that are exclusive for the weekends for people who may have work on the weekdays.

Solaris Technologies always explains to their clients that it is not about getting a course or learning about a technology but it solely has to do with being able to utilize a technology to the best of its capabilities. One should always remain focused on the end result which is to be able to take the assistance of technology to take the work being delivered by the company up a notch to say the least.

Plan it out

There is no limit to the possibilities surrounding learning and using that learning to the best of your capabilities. Organize how you want to go about these integrations and do not rush into utilizing the latest technology without first making sure that you actually need to integrate the system and how fruitful it will be for your organization and work space.

Integration of technology in an organized and planned out manner allows the company to make gigantic leaps in progress, make every day activities easier for the team members, create a happier and more optimistic environment and last but not the least, advances the team members on an individual level; which then translates into the company progressing at an accelerated rate.

How has technological innovation affected jobs over the past few years?

In today’s world, we have replaced cognitive labor with more sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence. We are living in an era where we can see mechanical growth extend into the realm of what was previously human labor, exclusively. In moments like these, when a lot of people are skeptical of the involvement of technology, a question to ponder upon is how these technical innovations have affected the jobs of human labor over the years?

“Technology gives us power, but it does not and cannot tell us how to use that power. Thanks to technology, we can instantly communicate across the world, but it still doesn’t help us know what to say.”

-Jonathan Sacks

We see automation around us in our everyday lives and we have become used to it as well. The huge wave of automation that took place in the 1960s and the 1970s did not result in a wave of unemployment for the people. In contrast, there was an entirely opposite effect on the work force all together. As the use of technology grew, the work being produced by the employees became more productive. This allowed a boom in work output; making room for more innovative and time driven projects to surface.

How can companies better prepare today for changes in the work tomorrow?

It is sensible to realize that although people will not become useless with the use of technology, it is only reasonable to revamp our understanding of work to match the world where everything is continuously updated. We cannot expect that something that a person was trained for when we were 18 years old will be in demand when we turn 40. What we may view as continuing action and consistency will not be beneficial without lifelong learning to stay up to date in the job market. Here are some ways you can stay on top of the technology instead of letting it overwhelm you:

  1. Identifying current loopholes:

When you go to buy something, you make sure you first make sure you know what you need. Same goes for technology. One should not implement any technology without first making sure what the needs of the workplace are. Start by recognizing the problem; know what the company lacks and what it is that is required by the company to make the office workable again. The most common reasons are a lack of talent in the office, a lack of resources and outdated technology. If the reason is obsolete technology, then you research the right technology for your work requirements.

  1. Select the right technologies:

Once you’ve identified the problem, the second thing to do is to find the right technology to implement. It requires ample research to find the right technology that works well with your business design. It has to be relevant to your work and it needs to fulfill all your work requirements. You can also look at what your competitors are using to get a better understanding of what has worked for them and what are the more popular options that are available for you.


“Technology has the benefit of being easily scalable. A few weeks or months of coding can result in solutions that reap huge benefits. The global success of Facebook, Twitter, and Google are all triumphs of technology.”

        -Shawn Amos

  1. Involve your employees:

When you involve your employees in the selection and decision making process, it has multiple benefits for the company. Firstly this makes the employees open to the idea of change and more comfortable with making an effort to integrate a new system. Secondly, this allows the employees to give their feedback regarding the technology under consideration. They can provide their input regarding what work and what will not. This is a great way to make sure whether the technology being considered is a good fit for your working requirements. Thirdly, this allows the employees to feel connected and valued. It creates a sense of importance for the employees as they realize that their opinion is taken seriously by the company. Lastly and most importantly, involving employees gives them a sense of security about their job. They do not feel threatened by the integration of a new technology as they are confident in their importance at the workplace.


“The technology keeps moving forward, which makes it easier for the artists to tell their stories and paint the pictures they want.”

-George Lucas


  1. Early Acceptance:

Create an early acceptance towards the changes about to happen in the workplace. Mentally prepare the employees before you actually implement the technology. It is always a better idea to have the team on board before the change happens so that everyone has time to get accustomed to the idea and thought of change. This also allows the company management to better handle any resistance that may arise from the employees and analyze the reactions of the employees towards the changes to come.


  1. Personal Incentive:

It must be realized that in the end of the day most employees are more focused on their personal benefit rather than the benefit of the company. However, as a company you need to make sure that the company grows. To overcome this, Solaris Technologies offers incentives to their employees by convincing them that the new technology is only going to make their work easier and not become a burden on their shoulders. The team also realizes that this is not simply the implementation of a new technology, it is also an opportunity to grow in your personal career path. Learn the incentives that work for your employees and implement them to make the process smoother.


  1. Focus on Training the Employees:

New technology can be overwhelming for anyone. Make sure not to shock your employees by introducing a new technology and expecting the m to ace it. Instead, allow your employees to train and get accustomed to the new technology. Solaris Technologies believes that this is crucial as a lack of training can cause larger problems in work and create a mess in the work being produced. Train the employees well and let them share their concerns. This is the best standard that can be followed and it is the quickest way of getting technology integrated into an office space without issues. You can always opt for a pilot operation instead of implementing the technology over the entire staff. A small segment of the company can be selected to test out the technology first. This also minimizes the risk for the company and helps the company avoid a complete havoc. This can also help other employees realize that the new changes are not as bad as they might have expected.

  1. Managing Expectation vs. Reality:

Solaris Technologies recognizes that the two things that cause most failures are too high or too low expectations of the employees. It is essential to have a neutral expectation from the technical changes in the office. Solaris Technologies sets realistic expectations for their employees so that they can better understand what to expect and be ready for the deviation.


There are many other things that can be done to cope with technical changes, however, the important thing to keep in mind is that what matters is the reaction from the ways you implement and not the number of things a company does to help employees deal with technical changes.



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