Their expertise extend from Web applications all the way to logo designing. No matter the scope of the project, Solaris Technologies will cater to all the specifications of their clients.

April 27, 2020

Solaris Technologies claims to be a one stop solution for all your IT problems and their claims are not hollow promises. Their expertise extend from Web applications all the way to logo designing. No matter the scope of the project, Solaris Technologies will cater to all the specifications of their clients. A company that claims to never compromise on integrity; Solaris Technologies will only sign projects that they are certain they can complete. Solaris Technologies has a firm grip on content management systems i.e. WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, Magento, Big Commerce, Wix and Squarespace. They help their clients develop, organize and mold content on a website without the need for specialized technical knowledge. They take care of the technicalities for you.

No domain of work in the field of IT is foreign to Solaris Technologies. From back end development using PHP, ROR, Python, .Net, Node.Js, to front end development using HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript and many more; Solaris Technologies has got their clients covered. AWS, PrestaShop, CodeIgniter, Zend, Laravel are some of the many frameworks and platforms that are being utilized by Solaris Technologies to ensure that their clients are provided with the product or service that they dreamed to achieve by partnering with the company.

Although, these are not the limits of the work being done by the company, the following are some of the main categorize and sub-categorize which the company is providing exceptional services in:

ERP Solutions

Solaris Technologies has been devising ERP solutions to help its clients for over a decade. It is a vast custom software that can be utilized by businesses of all different sizes. ERP is short for Enterprise Resource Planning. It has been around since the 90’s and it’s a tool used for managing information. It helps businesses organize, store, and use information for the benefit of the company. It has a lot of useful features that can take any growing enterprise and help it reach its fullest potential by streamlining the processes and improving data visibility.

When you have a business, there are various different departments ­that are responsible for managing different areas of the work. There is usually a finance department that takes care of the cost and profit analysis of the company, an ordering department that handles the orders that are being placed by customers and how the deliveries are being made to ensure swift arrivals, a warehouse department for storing and packaging of the products being sold, a customer relationship management (CRM) system to help you analyze and manage interactions, and excel sheets to keep a track of everything else that needs to be catered to. The problem with this conventional approach is that the company is left with an island of information that is not interconnected; slowing down the process and not providing value for your time.

Solaris Technologies can develop an ERP system for your company that will take these islands of information and connect them on a centralized system. An ERP system will enhance collaboration within the company and help the company to provide better service, efficient work and effective analysis. By incorporating this system in your work place, you can streamline processes by improving data visibility.

It allows you to view every process on a live dashboard that aids you to produce quality work in the most efficient ways. The system even handles payments coming in from the clients and the salaries being paid to your employees. The perfect management solution that will provide you value for your time. The essential use of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back office functions related to technology, services and human resources. Some of the tools used by Solaris Technologies are:


Oracle is a multi-model database management system. It is a business software and their solutions support finance, manufacturing, sales, and almost any other process of your business. It stores large data in your computers; in all different forms- text, numbers and even videos. It is a database commonly used for running online transaction processing (OLTP), data warehousing (DW) and mixed (OLTP & DW) database workloads. Oracle is responsible for managing most of the world’s data. It is made up of a set of processes running on the operating system to manage the data storage and retrieval in the database.

Solaris Technologies chooses Oracle as it offers Real Application Clusters which allow more servers to access the database effectively. A centralized system that aids to provide information across all departments in real time. It also provides tools for backup and recovery of data. It has no redundant functionalities which means that you get value for your money. With Oracle, your business will have enhanced customer communication, thus, improving throughput.


SAP world’s leading provider of enterprise application. SAP stands for System, Application, and Products in data processing. SAP ERP is a software that has been helping companies earn better. It has been providing ERP solutions since 1970’s. SAP Business Suite offers SAP ERP which is the most essential component with financials, human capital management, operations and corporate services as functional areas. SAP software products provide powerful instruments for helping companies to manage their financials, logistics, human resources, and other business areas. SAP ERP caters to both small companies and global enterprises. SAP helps to adjust the entire project value chain and simplifies critical processes. It includes various integrated modules, which covers almost all the features of the business management.

Solaris Technologies chooses SAP ERP for various reasons. Firstly, due to the fact that SAP ERP is compatible with any size of business. It is also cheaper than Oracle which may cut down on client’s cost. It requires fewer customizations for use and shorter implementation time. SAP ERP is a constantly developing system which in turn means that you will get the latest technology in the market. It provides clearly defined road maps which makes the management of data that much easier. Solaris Technologies works with SAP ERP as it removes duplication, gaps, and redundancy in data. It allows you to have control over different business processes; enhancing productivity, providing better inventory management, endorsing quality, decreasing raw material cost, effective HR management, reducing expenses and increasing profits.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is the on demand delivery of IT resources via the internet. It facilitates the access of applications and data from any location worldwide and from any device with an internet connection. It can be used by organizations of every type, size, and industry for things such as; data backup and disaster recovery, emails, virtual desktops, software development and testing, big data analytics, and customer facing web applications. This gives cloud computing a grand edge over the conventional hardware storage systems. Cloud Computing gives you instant access to a broad range of technologies; from ideas to products, several magnitudes faster than before. Cloud computing allows you to expand to new regions and expand globally, scaling your business no matter your location, size or industry.

Solaris Technologies chooses Cloud Computing for its clients for multiple reasons. With Cloud Computing, your business can become more agile, instantly scale, reduce cost, and apply globally within minutes. It allows companies to experiment with new ideas, differentiate customer experiences and transform the business, such as adding artificial intelligence to your applications in order to personalize experiences for your customers and improving engagement. Another great advantage of Cloud Computing is that you do not need to pay upfront or overpay for capacity that you don’t use. Instead you can trade capital expense for variable expenses and pay only for the IT as you consume it.


Custom Software

Tailor-made software that is specially developed for your company. It is made to order rather than being mass produced. In a custom software, the customer is in direct contact with the programmer and can make changes as needed. Solaris Technologies has been creating custom software for over a decade and their expertise in the area are unparalleled. Any company that has very specific features or requirements can opt for a custom software to fit their exact needs so that all their requirements can be fulfilled.

C, C++, C#

The C language family has been around for more than 30 years. It is the classical system implementation language. The main features of C languages family are powerful with a simple set of keywords, and a clean style; these features make it suitable for system programming. Almost all popular languages are built on top of the C language e.g. Python, Ruby, Java and Java script. It is the coding language of choice for Kernel development; it manages the tasks of the computer and the hardware- most notably the memory and CPU time. Ensuring that faulty programs do not interfere with the operation of others, by denying access to memory that has not been allocated to them and restricting the amount of CPU time they consume.

Solaris Technologies chooses C language family as it is both portable and efficient. It is ideal for applications which require high performance and low memory overhead.


Microsoft.Net is a software layer between an operating system and the .Net compliant software languages. It is a runtime environment or platform that provides services and extensive set of libraries to applications and developers. It is a framework that provides a programming guidelines that can be used to develop a wide range of applications–––from web to mobile to Windows-based applications. Each programming language serves its specific purpose, however; Microsoft.Net is more versatile in nature.

Solaris Technologies uses Microsoft.Net for its many benefits. It requires one common set of libraries, one editor and one runtime environment for .Net compliant languages such as C#, C++, VB.Net and so on. It has reusability of resources and it is an object oriented model; making encapsulation and reusability of concepts easier.


Java is a great choice as a programming language due to its many uses. It is used to create complete applications that may run on a single computer or be distributed among servers and clients in a network. It can also be used to build a small application module or applet for use as part of a Web page. Java is everywhere; it has been the most popular language for more than a decade in the IT field with its application is fields ranging from retail, banking, IT and even the stock market. Java does not have compatibility issues. It handles a wide set of procedures and function to ensure success. Some of, not all, the main uses of Java are web application development, frameworks, android development, big data, and continuous testing.

Solaris Technologies developers have a firm grip on the Java language. It is a big player in the internet of things; applications that run on android based smart phones and tablets utilize Java for coding. ATM machines, medical instruments, robotics, and even garage door openers; the Java code implementation has no limits. Java tools such as IDE’s provide information about errors, code refactoring and reformatting which make it an even easier to implement language. Solaris Technologies uses Java as it manages data parallel to each other, making it concurrent. Java claims that it is a WORA program language which makes it a platform independent language. Another great reason to use Java is that it is open source; which makes it available for anyone to use; this can significantly cut down the cost of the employee when they are getting a custom software developed.

Cake PHP

CakePHP is an open source framework which helps to make maintenance and development of PHP applications much smoother. It’s a foundational structure for programmers to create web applications. It is based on the MVC architecture. CakePHP allows developers to gain enhanced control over the database and SQL queries.

Solaris Technologies uses CakePHP for their clients work. Since the frame work is open source, it is a cost effective route to take that can be financially beneficial to the client. The primary goal of Solaris Technologies is to enable you to work in a structured and rapid manner–without loss of flexibility; helping users to develop robust web applications without losing their environment flexibility rapidly. It is one of the quickest web development platforms which in turn means that it speeds up the process of development of the client’s product.  Solaris Technologies believes that CakePHP is fruitful for the clients as it facilitates search engine friendly URLs and provides features like input validation and sanitization tools which make the application secure.


SQL is a special-purpose programming language, used to handle data in a relational database management system. It is an open source RDMS that requires a server to run. A database server is a computer program that provides database services to other programs or computers, as defined by the client-server model. The code is generally made open so that other developers can modify it. It is one of the most popular DRMS systems which is largely used on the web instead of the office data management. MySQL is written using C or C++ and it supports all the major platforms like Windows, Linux, Solaris, macOS and FreeBSD.

Solaris Technologies utilizes MySQL for client projects to avail the various benefits that MySQL has to offer. MySQL is a database software that uses SQL to create queries for database. The software has frequent updates which keeps it from becoming out dated; the latest update is two folds faster than the previous one. Solaris Technologies uses MySQL to handle, modify, store, and delete the database according to the client’s requirements.


Application Development

Application development is the process of creating a computer program or a set of programs to perform the different tasks your business requires. It is the entire process from creation to implementation of the project. From coding of the new features that need to be implemented to bug fixing in the project. Solaris Technologies believes that application development is the backbone of the project. It requires the developer to integrate object oriented programming, sequel language programming and transfer languages to produce the end result. Some of the Solaris Technologies specialties are as listed below:


iOS is Apple’s mobile OS that runs on an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch hardware. Solaris Technologies can program in native languages such as Swift or build cross-platform native applications using React Native (JavaScript). Incredible use of ARKit3, RealityKit framework and reality Composer app to easily prototype and create on of a kind AR experience. Solaris technologies works on iOS, macOS, ipadOS and watchOS to aid you in your journey. Machine Learning is deployed using CORE ML3 and the new Create MLapp. Solaris Technologies can help you integrate interactive voice experience with follow up questions and create an application for watchOS with or without the iOS companion, according to the requirements of the project.


Android is a comprehensive software stack of mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and key application. This rich source of software bunch is used in Mobile Technology through its innovation module of The Android Software Development Kit (SDK). One fourth of the businesses have a mobile app even though more than 70% web traffic being generated is from the mobile. Solaris Technologies believes that a mobile app is not the same as a mobile friendly website. An android app can provide increase in sales, become a direct marketing channel with more user retention and reengaging clients. An android app will provide your project with a strong presence and prove to aid in effective frequency.

Web apps

Web application development is the creation of application programs that reside on remote servers and are delivered to the user’s device over the Internet. Front-end development for web applications is accomplished through client-side programming. There are many benefits to creating a web application. Solaris Technologies guides its clients towards the best path that is most suited for the client’s line of work. The biggest benefit of creating a web application is free storage space as the application will not take up any space on the user’s device, which might have resulted in people being hesitant towards installing the app in the first place. It also helps to keep your users data safe which may avoid turn over. With the latest updates, it can benefit your project to be on web application where updates are most efficiently implemented.


A program that is written to run under the Microsoft Windows operating system. Whoever has used Windows through more than one version knows that, no matter how many utilities Microsoft adds to its operating system, there are always apps and utilities that will enhance your use. Solaris Technologies helps you create a windows application especially if you require the user to be able to use the application offline. This is one of the main advantages of a windows app as other applications are mostly dependent on the availability of internet to run the program. If the client requires a heavy application, it can benefit from making the application on windows as there is plenty of available space on the PC and chances of the application crashing a bare minimum.

Web Services

Web services are a collection of open protocols and standards used for exchanging data between applications or systems. Web services make themselves available over the internet; a system software that is created to assist interoperable machine-to-machine interactions. They are free standing, distributed and dynamic applications that can be explained, produced, located, or invoked over the internet to create products, supply chain, and processes. Devices communicate globally with the help of web services. How your user interface communicates with the device is the role of the web services. Web services can vary; they can be local, distributed, or web based. The web services being employed by Solaris Technologies are:

Google toolkit

Google toolkit is an open source Java software development framework. Toolkit helps to organize your thoughts, map out tasks and help you set timelines. The framework aids by making writing AJAX applications easier. It assists in the development of AJAX applications by using Java tools and later helps to debug these applications. Google toolkit ships with a Java to JavaScript compiler. Solaris Technologies makes use of the Google toolkit to enable their clients to organize the work and create a better management system.


Security is one of the main concerns for clients when they are planning to sift their work online. The digital world seems to present a security concern for the companies who wish to keep their work, process or documentation private and do not wish to go public with intra company information. The lack of end-to-end security gave rise to the need for WS-Security. The key Web services security requirements are authentication, authorization, data protection, and nonrepudiation. Authentication ensures that each entity involved in using a Web service—the requestor, the provider, and the broker (if there is one)—is what it actually claims to be. The main three features of WS- Security are; sign messages to guarantee integrity, encrypt messages to guarantee privacy, and attach security tokens that serve to establish the sender’s identity.  It ensures that the messages stay unchanged during transit by making the sender digitally sign the documents. It aids in confidentiality by keeping required information secret. It can help in encrypting messages to provide a safer transfer or confidential information. It also allows you to control who will and will not access the files by granting access to only selected individuals; this identification can be done by voice recognition, fingerprint, face identification or signature.


SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is the process of optimizing your website to get organic, or un-paid, traffic from the search engine results page. It poses as an essential requirement, now more than ever, when companies are rapidly shifting to the digital market and it is becoming an increasingly cumbersome task to create a mark in the market. Search engines aim to provide the best service for their clients. Solaris Technologies makes use of Search Engine optimization to effectively attract targeted audience towards the client’s site and consequentially helps the clientele grow. Even the best of products would fail in the digital market without being marketed properly and that is where SEO comes in. It is the fundamental tool to help a product or service make its mark in the digital world. It assists in providing greater visibility to your product or service and allows you to rank higher in search results which allows your company to be above the competition at all times.


Amazon Web Services is a supplemental service of Amazon that offers a broad set of global cloud-based products including compute, storage, databases, analytics, networking, mobile, developer tools, management tools, IoT, security and enterprise applications. It provides an on demand cloud platform, which you don’t have to pay for upfront and you can pay as you consume space, that is, on the go. This way you will only be paying for storage that you are using and nothing more. It is a serviceable tool with which clients can store their data in the cloud instead of storing it on the hardware. This is a relatively safer mode of backup as it is easy to retrieve around the world and it is near impossible to lose data. Amazon Web Services make is easier to store data because it is not physically present hence, there is lesser possibility of the data to get destroyed or lost. Amazon Web Services is available for all scale projects, from government, to enterprises, to local companies, and even to startups.


With the market trend swiftly moving towards digital shopping and purchases, it is essential to provide online buying and selling options to your customers. E-Commerce is the buying and selling of goods or services using the internet, and the transfer of money and data to execute these transactions. E-Commerce can you utilized by any of the business models; business to business, business to consumer, consumer to consumer, or consumer to business. It allows for a safe and secure transfer of monetary payments to help smooth out the process of conducting business online. With an ease in the payment process, E-Commerce helps to increase sales for the company.

Web Blogs

Web blogs are a type of website that allow the creator to share information in a more conversational tone and manner. Blogs have a reverse display of documents, i.e. the latest post is on display at the top. Blogs also allow a comment section where users can interact with the blogger.  Blogs can be very useful a company or brand to explain their work and show their product to the potential client. Blogs allow you to display information more frequently than on a conventional website. Adding a blog to your company can be very beneficial as a marketing strategy and help to increase web traffic. Blogs are also a favorable way to create a flow of information with ease that can help readers and potential buyers to better understand your product or services as it will aid in answering the queries and reservations of users.

Game Development

Game Development is the development of games where the player can interact with the content and make changes to the game’s elements. It is the entire process of innovating a game; from idea, concept, design, development and release of a game. It may involve concept generation, design, build, test and release. This is no easy task. It is not the mere transformation of ideas, it requires that you ponder upon the logistics, the reinforcements that will keep the users glued to the game, the mechanics and how the different concepts of the game interplay to create one united game theme, how the levels will be designed to keep increasing the difficulty of each level without making it impossible to complete, and even the elements that need to be integrated into the game to indulge the players to continue coming back to the game. There are many games that get created every month, however, not every game makes a mark in the community. With the help of Solaris Technologies you can rest assured that not only is your idea being respected, but that it is also going to be developed in a manner that it is appeasing for the gamers. Games for different platforms have different requirements and these are some of the platforms that Solaris Technologies works with:

  • Play Station
  • Web Games
  • Windows
  • Apple
  • Android
  • Xbox


Video & Animation

An engaging instrument that can help you tell your story more comprehensively. Shifting from monotonous pictures to indulging video animations to help enhance business reputations globally. 65% of people are visual learners, and 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual and visual information is processed 60,000x faster than text. Use of high end video design and catchy scripts can help engage your potential clients and assist in retaining the information in their minds for longer. It allows you to create improved engagement for user and get your point across without the user losing interest. This keeps your business a level above the competitors and gives your clients more reason believe in you.

Maya 3D

Maya is a 3D computer graphics application. It runs on Windows, macOS and Linux. It is utilized to develop three dimensional interactive applications which can range from animated films to special effects. Visual effects in movies such as the ice age use Maya 3D for its special effects and they have seen tremendous benefits. Work can be saved in a variety of formats. Node graphic architecture is used by Maya and the elements are based on node; where each node has its own specific customizations and attributions.

Adobe Suite

Adobe Suite is the most widely used creative suite in the digital world. It is used for creating animations, pictures, developing UI/UX and design. The fact that it is so versatile and multi-purpose makes it ideal for use for various purposes. Applications such as Adobe Acrobat can be used to edit files and word documents whereas, Adobe After Effects can be used to edit videos and animations after they have been created. There are many other applications of the Adobe Suite that Solaris Technologies utilizes and masters in. Solaris Technologies uses the Adobe Suite to help the client create whatever they envision and bring the company promised finesse to these creations.


True fully-integrated product, with all modules supported by a single, common database. This allows users from anywhere in the operation to access files, work on changes and update the end product in real-time.

Civil AutoCAD

Civil AutoCAD is a software that helps to design and document civil infrastructure. It is a computer aided design used to make design blueprints for building, bridges, roads and structures. A versatile tool that aids in architectural designing plus drafting. Solaris Technologies uses Civil AutoCAD to engineer designs to improve drafts and perfect construction documentations. If a client is looking to get the most out of their space without compromising on the strength of the infrastructure, Solaris Technologies can help by utilizing Civil AutoCAD to create a personalized infrastructure design for you while keeping in mind all your functional requirements.

SEO & Online Marketing

Online marketing is the secret ingredient to a company’s recipe for success. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is used in digital marketing to help businesses increase brand awareness, generate more leads, and improve customer engagement. In an age of digitalization, it is quintessential to market your products and services to avoid being lost in the sea of products and services available online. To reach the right audience at the right time with the right product and the right advertisement strategy is exactly what a company requires to achieve its personal best score in sales and reach the full potential of the company. Different modes and means are used by Solaris Technologies to ensure that the client gets the much deserved limelight. These methods are:

Social Media

Social media marketing involves promoting your content and engaging with your target consumers on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Solaris Technologies utilizes these platforms to help your clients engage with your brand and stay updated with the latest news about your company. Social Media provides a quick and efficient mode of communication between the client and the brand. Since social media platforms are the most used platforms globally, Solaris Technologies makes full use of these platforms to get your company the limelight it deserves.


G Suite consists of Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar, and Currents for communication; Drive for storage; Docs, Sheets, Slides, Keep, Forms, and Sites for productivity and collaboration; and, depending on the plan, an Admin panel and Vault for managing users and the services. Solaris Technologies utilizes the Google Suite to help companies reach their clients and schedule interactions. With the use of G- Suite, Solaris Technologies helps companies manage the outflow of information via emails, helps analyze the client cluster by conducting surveys and understanding the client’s reaction to different updates and versions of the product/ service. These help the company to move forward by taking a more favorable path.

Data Scraping

Data Scraping is the procedure that involves the import of information from a website into a spreadsheet or local file saved on your computer. It’s one of the most efficient ways to get data from the web, and in some cases to channel that data to another website. It is a time and cost efficient way to move files. It is useful whenever it is required to move data from one place to another. It helps to streamline the process for marketers and provides an efficient mode of data gathering from the web.

The Services provided by Solaris Technologies are versatile and the work delivered showcases top tier quality. Solaris Technologies has a wide spread domain of expertise and it is exactly these qualifications that make Solaris Technologies a one stop shop that will cater to all the IT problems of their clients.




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